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Cerulean Park - Watercolor, FL Portraits with the Volmer Family

Even a crew of rowdy boys is able to be photographed in a way that shows their personalities, gives them freedom to run and play, and create some precious laughs! These boys knew in advance that they did not want their photo taken, perhaps because to them it meant "listening to the photographer" or "standing and saying cheese for what seems like eternity"... but photography can be so much more than that if we let it! When we let these boys play and be themselves they just came to life.

Sure, I love to give clients some direction on what looks great and steer us in scenes that will photograph well, but the BEST of the BEST portraits that come from our sessions are the ones where freedom to feel, move, and explore is not only allowed but encouraged!

Your babies can take their time and express their emotions and desires and that's OK. They can make inquisitive faces or explore the scenes we're in and that's OK. Plopping down on the ground to get away from the photographer or punching their brother might just be a part of their personality right now... and we will capture it ALL in authenticity, because that's what will tell your story better than any forced pose will.

Enjoying these real life laughs and family snuggles from the Volmers!



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