I'm Fantasia, a girl who believes in your potential, who believes you were created with purpose FOR a purpose. We all need someone to see our BEST, and love us just the way we are as we are growing into who we are meant to be! I believe genuine portraits can encourage us to SEE our authentic inner beauty that is so easily forgotten on a day to day basis.

One of my very first hobbies was using a 110 pink minishot camera to photograph things I valued. There was a sense of freedom I felt in being able to highlight moments and focus on the GOOD, despite some of the harder situations and things I didn't understand that surrounded me. 



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Wife to Jon, dog-mom to Foxxy, craft junkie, music lover, vintage obsessed, truth-seeker, mission traveler, free-spirited, child of God. I run my life on the Bible, coffee, schedules and goals... but don't let that fool you, I am NO expert at time management. ;)


I believe one of my reasons for being on this earth is to persevere and to encourage YOU to do the same. For a long time I pretended to persevere on the outside while I was exhausted on the inside. I can finally say, I'm learning what it means to persevere on the INSIDE first, so I can persevere on the outside as a result. 

It's an honor to get to know seniors and learn about WHY they are headed where they're headed and WHO they have become and are becoming! 


The beautiful things you can't see about yourself... The expressions you make that are so YOU! The preferences you have and what you consider your style. All of that is important to me!

Finish out senior year with authentic, personal memories … and see your inner beauty in a new light! 





This is my husband Jon to the right, holding one of the precious girls we sponsor for private schooling in Nicaragua, Wendy!


$100 of every portrait in 2019 will be donated directly to the ongoing mission work in Nicaragua. The ministry we partner with, Twelve Churches, creates and sustains feeding centers, trains youth leaders & pastors, and helps the churches in Leon, Nicaragua work together for the greater good of the community and their people through building projects, outreach events, and ongoing relationship building! 


We travel to Leon, Nica several times a year and are privileged to help train youth pastors and participate in feeding center programs. It has been one of the greatest joys to be a part of something SO much bigger than ourselves or this lifetime and has changed us from the inside out.

Every portrait session impacts lives in Nicaragua by allowing us to continue the mission and give glory to God!